Lineage records for Clients

On this page will be placed links to take a Researcher to a display of their own Family Lineage, not needing to be related to this SOLOMON line.

This offer is a means by which genealogical and other interested parties may gain value from the contacts, expertise, equipment, programs and facilities that are available at Sols Place for their specific use.

As all these offered facilities have been hard won. "On-Site" visitors will be charged an hourly fee, simlar to an Internet Cafe, and that fee will permit visitors access to these resources for say a 1-4 hour period. This access fee has yet to be determined

If it is required and feasible, this Office would store original material and transcibe it to electronic format, prior to it being returned to its owners.

In this way a possibly unrelated Researcher can call upon the existing depths or resources at Sols Place and have their own records properly set up, and if also required, they can arrange for their unique Web Site to be created and maintained as well.