The records, images and assessments of events, presented in this lineage database, are offered as a direct result of the generosity and integrity, of the following people recorded alphabetically for your appreciation:

John CARDINAL ( Lineage program advice,
Cheap Domain Names ( Internet advice,
Richard CLEAVELAND (Lineage program advice),
Tom CLOUGH (Lineage program advice),
Chris DAVEY (Technical and software advice),
Adam DAVIS (Lineage contributor),
Mark DUFF (Programming advice),
Geoffrey FOWLER (Lineage contributor),
Front Door Web Design ( Internet advice,
Gavin GUSLING (Technical and software advice),
Angus KEECH (Web Site design),
Mike MARINOS (Web Site design),
Sandra MOTTERAM (Lineage contributor),
Donald SOLOMON (Lineage contributor),
Louis SOLOMON (Internet and Technical advice),
Murray SYMONDS (Lineage contributor),
Mervyn SINDEN (Grammar and presentation advice),
SMBT Computing (Technical advice),
Karissa TOWNSEND (Web Design and presentation advice),
Wholly Genes ( Lineage program advice,