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I regret that since I fell from an extension ladder, I have been unable to update this Site to include more images of people and documents as I had initially promised. I will try and attend to that as soon as I can. Likewise, the offered proven Edwardian dinner theme instructions are delayed as a consequence. They will be available, once every recipe has been recreated, tested and a photograph of the dish taken, so that the user of this eventual E-Book, can gain as much value from the proven efforts of cooks and diner's whom I am using as well.
(20 September 2006)
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15,000 + Records - The Solomon Family.

Welcome to my archive for the Solomon Family

You may have come to this Site as an unrelated person, in order to find ideas on what to do with your own Family records. In that case I am happy to offer you a means by which I may be able to record and organise your records. Details of B.M.D etc., documents, photographs and stories, similar to this Site.

You may also wish to have your Lineage records, displayed on the Internet in a seperate Site similar to what this Site is doing, then that can be arranged as well. Please look at Clients Records for more details.