A disclaimer - Ikey SOLOMON

Ikey SOLOMON was a comtemporary of the Solomon Line but no evidence of his being related to this line can be found.

It is quite probable that they were acquainted but that is as far as their connection goes.

During the exhaustive research done so far on this Solomon line, information relevant to Ikey has been found and it will be presented to the visitor on this Page as soon as it has been assembled in a suitable manner.

An annoying and major difficulty was created for reseacrhers, in this Isaac SOLOMON line as they had the practice of continuing to use only one given name and then reusing that given name for additional members of the family who were in different branches of it.

This has created confusion about who is really being mentioned in a document or a newspaper article. A classic example is that their are at least eight (8) Joseph SOLOMON's in these Genealogical records, all are related and are confused with each other from time to time.

For instance Judah SOLOMON(3), named his Son Joseph SOLOMON(5) and Joseph SOLOMON(4), Judah's brother, named one of his son's Joseph SOLOMON(36) as well. Further complications arose when the convict brothers Judah and Joseph, and both being of the Jewish faith, changed their faiths. Judah stayed with the Jewish faith, whilst Joseph adopted the Anglican faith.

Family information passed down, seems to indicate that Joseph's change of faith may have been driven by his wish to marry an Anglican in Sarah (Surname unknown)(1862), whose wealth may have also been of interest to Joseph(4). Joseph(4) is reported to have consulted his "Tora" even after his adoption of the Anglican faith.