Site Amendments

From the onset of providing this Web Site of genealogical records I have found it very time consuming, expensive and difficult to offer, and to also increase the contents for both the Albums of Photographs and Documents.

A further problem has been created by my suffering a series of heart attacks prior to Christmas 2004 and this has set me back a lot.

The Web Site as it now stands and was initially designed, did not expect nor can it cope with the sudden influx of a further 45,000 records now in my care. This will bring the records to be displayed to around 50,000. So as a result of this massive influx is that the Web Site has to be redesigned to not only both look and operate as it does now, but so that these new records and any more that are presented for display, can be offered for viewing.


A Web Designer has been commissioned to effect these changes and whilst the new Site is nearly ready to operate, the newly received records are not. I have now taken this opportunity to pass all the existing and offered records to a Genealogical researcher so that each persons record can be individually verified, have any errors ommissions or duplications attended to, and for the entire set of records to be displayed in accordance with the standard practices for recording and displaying such information as laid down by the various International Genealogical Societies.

The massive increase in space I will now need to lease on the Server that displays these records may mean that the advertised Web Albums can not now be providede as I had expected. What will continue though is that where an image of a person exists, I will place such an image with their lineage record.

Once the entire suite of records has been made available through this revised Site, I will be better able to assess what I can do to pursue the Web Album of photographs and documents for display as well. (13JAN05)